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Take Control of Your Music Business


Manage Products, Events, Orders and Fan Marketing

Create an online store Sell direct to fans

  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Event ticket products
  • Bundle any or all of the above as a custom product

MultiChannel Sales Convert your fans to customers wherever they interact with your brand.

Manage your product catalog and orders in one place and integrate your store in multiple channels.

  • Sell from your website
  • Sell from your Facebook page
  • Sell in venue

Powerful Sophisticated enough for retail businesses, but designed for the performing artist.

Automatic Pre-Order Management

Simply set your release date and rest assured that products will shipped to arrive on or around that release date. Digital products will be automatically available in the customers account upon on release date.

Product Bundles

Powerful configuration options allow you to offer combinations of physical merchandise, digital downloads, add-on items and customer-configured bundles.

Cart Abandonment Re-Marketing

Proven automated re-marketing email strategies that drive a lift in revenue.


At-a-glance mobile friendly dashboard provides clean simple visualizations of your sales revenue, top selling products, events sales, email marketing performance and more.


All CD sales are reported to Sound-scan

Store Themes

Our basic store theme will include logo placement and a color palette to match your branding. Upgrade to a seamless theme for full integration with your current website.

Event Management Seamless with your ecommerce

Use our event management system to manage and display a listing of events, or sell tickets or VIP passes to events.

Each event can quickly be configured with multiple ticketing options. We support pickup at will-call for set ticket levels (for example: General Admission, Premium Seating).

Event Packages are similar to tickets but are designed to be an add-on to a tour or stand-alone event. A guest list can be downloaded for easy check-in at the venue. You set the rules and pricing around your event upgrades.

  • Event listing widget
  • Sell event tickets direct to fans
  • Offer fans tickets to pre-event meet & greet access
  • Create & promote VIP packages (bundle physical or digital products with tickets)
  • Flip on a Facebook page with ticket/VIP sales

Email Marketing Targeted Fan Communication

Each Bandfarm account is integrated with a powerful email marketing powered by Bluehornet. Bandfarm simplifies the interaction with Bluehornet’s powerful solution and extends Bluehornet's core functionality with features designed specifically for the performing artist.

  • Send personalized, branded email campaigns
  • Geolocation - Send to customers by by region or ZIP code radius
  • Forms - Offer free downloads to fans who sign up for your newsletter
  • Purchase Behavior Segmentation - Send targeted messages to customers based on products they have or have not purchased
  • Analytics - Reporting on Opens, Clicks, Sales Conversions, Bounces and more
  • Automation - Trigger messages based on show dates, release dates or customer behavior in your store
  • Deliverability - Leverage Bluehornet's sending reputation to ensure your mail lands in your fan's inbox

We make it easy So you can focus on your art

Our goal at Bandfarm has been to simplify the process of creating a first-class online store for artists and small businesses. We offer an EASY end-to-end ecommerce solution tailored specifically to artists and small businesses. Other solutions require you to create your store, contract with a merchant account provider, and then find a fulfillment warehouse. Getting started with Bandfarm is quick and easy:

  • Create an account
  • Build your product catalog
  • Print a packing slip
  • Ship merchandise to our warehouse
  • Enable Facebook store (optional)

Within a few days of your your merchandise delivery to our fulfillment warehouse, your products will be stocked and available for purchase on your store. Digital products are available immediately. From this point we can handle the rest:

  • We handle the sales tax for you
  • Leave the customer service to us
  • We'll even report all album sales to soundscan

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We are currently considering customers for participation in beta access to the next generation Bandfarm application suite.