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Get on the Farm!

The tools every band needs to build and manage their own successful online music business

A Few of the Happy Customers on the Farm

Customer Quote

"Without Bandfarm my life would be a muted, colorless, bland void.

...So would my emails.

Bandfarm organizes all of my mailing lists into evermore organized lists and sub-categories. It's a Type A personality's dream come true. it's also aesthetically cool looking and can range from visually wild to simple and straightforward--depending on your personal tastes. I'm a technology Luddite, so its user-friendliness makes it THE email program for everyone.

Whether you're in a band, solo, or you're an artist with a vast rolodex of contacts, you simply can't afford NOT to use Bandfarm."

-Anya Marina

Words of Wisdom

"Permission is the asset of the future"

"For generations, businesses had no idea who their end users were. No ability to reach through the record store and figure out who was buying that Rolling Stones album, no way to know who bought this book or that vase.

Today, of course, permission is an asset to be earned. The ability (not the right, but the privilege) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who want to get them. For ten years, the music business has been steadfastly avoiding this opportunity.

It's interesting though, because many musicians have NOT been avoiding it. Many musicians have understood that all they need to make a (very good) living is to have 10,000 fans. 10,000 people who look forward to the next record, who are willing to trek out to the next concert. Add 7 fans a day and you're done in 5 years. Set for life. A life making music for your fans, not finding fans for your music.

The biggest opportunity for the music business is to combine permission with subscription. The possibilities are endless. And I know it's hard to believe, but the good old days are yet to happen."

Seth Godin's 4th Music Lesson Read More

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